Education Project Management

Education is our speciality! Aspect’s core team have significant expertise in the design, management, and delivery of education projects, having gained experience on a broad spectrum of academic developments across the world. We offer a fully integrated end to end service, taking projects from feasibility and inception stages, through to delivery, handover, and beyond. Working harmoniously alongside our industry partners and project stakeholders, our robust internal management systems enable us to guide projects smoothly through each of the design, permitting, construction, and fit-out stages, and seemlessly facilitate a ‘soft-landing’ with initial building operations. Aspect can support new build developments, extensions, refurbishment works, and existing school acquisitions. Our experience tells us that standardisation, codification, and simplification of school designs leads to improved cost certainty and minimised development risk. With the rising cost of raw materials and fuel, Aspect also recognises the significance of sustainable design, life cycle costing, and energy management. Our team encourage and advocate ‘green’ building solutions and cost-effective construction methods to add value and reduce operational costs. Aspect embrace new technologies to safeguard our position as a front-runner in the industry and provide an unparalleled service to our cleints.. We utilise advanced building information modelling techniques and are looking to push the boundaries of modular and pre-fab construction methodologies., which will lead to new and exciting construction opportunities with improved cost and program certainty along with optimised quality.

Sustainability in Education

To ensure maximum sustainability, a wide range of factors, including site security, community use facilities, access, and inclusion should be considered, alongside better known environmental factors such as energy efficiency and waste minimisation. To be sustainable, the economic assessment of the design needs to be based on both whole life costs and environmental costs. The life cycle of the building and its component parts is a variable which forms a major component of Aspect’s cost planning service. Aspect also offers advice and expertise in energy management and monitoring to ensure optimum use of resources and minimal operating expenditure, this can be supplemented with advice on renewable energy sources, where budget and client aspirations permit. We recognise and recommend opportunities to further incorporate sustainable initiatives and knowledge into the taught curriculum.

Buying a School?

Aspect are well positioned to assist clients with the pre-acquisition & due diligence surveying of existing properties, and in providing an assessment of the suitability and viability of the asset. Our services at these key analytical stages include reviewing alignment with regulatory codes, guidelines, and industry best practice, as well as verifying that the structures & associated facilities can offer a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment. We also undertake inspections of MEP systems and infrastructure as part of our comprehensive technical investigations. Where existing buildings are not fit for purpose we can make recommendations for improvements, and manage the implementation of all subsequent works.

Renovating a School

Aspect can undertake an asset survey and advise on the steps needed to bring your facility up to local education standards or international building standards. With the support of our commercial and design teams we can produce concept drawings and budgets for funding allocation. Once approved Aspect can provide working drawings including FFE layouts with detailed Bills of Quantities in order that our clients can proceed with remedial works. Our site team can oversee the implementation of the works, to meet your deadlines.

Education Design Services

Aspect’s design team rise to the challenge of providing imaginative and stimulating environments that are safe, comfortable, and secure places to learn and teach. Our knowldege of the education process and significant industry experience allows us to see things from the operator’s perspective. We assist in branding and benchmarking, then manage initial spaceplanning and conceptual designs to ensure buildability, regulatory compliance and optimum use of space and budget. If required we can assist with third-party curriculum assessments to enhance flexible learning spaces and future-proof facilities. We assemble stakeholder teams that are required to realise client aspirations, manage appointments, and preside over the subsequent design works to ensure they comply with, or preferably exceed, globally recognised best practice. We strive to achieve creative evironments that offer exceptional learning opportunities, and provide integrated facilities for the local community.

Pre-operation Services

Aspect are able to support the school operator and teaching staff to ensure a ‘soft landing’ and smooth introduction to the operation of the asset. In collaboration with our international supply-chain network, we can assist with scheduling and procurement of all loose furniture, fixtures and equipment, including all specialist areas. Our services further encompass the management of installations, and full coordination with the base-build works. As an extension to our standard document management protocols, we can also provide a digital asset register that is fully integrated with the construction as-built information, and encompasses all that is required for day to day facilities management. Alternatively our simplified operations & maintenance guidelines have proven to be invaluable to operators - not everyone is a technical wizard!

The Learning Environment

Aspect recognise and understand that comfort is important for effective teaching and learning within school environments. Although the conditions that contribute to “comfortable” spaces may not be instantly and widely noticeable, they are perhaps the most important attributes of any school design. Well designed indirect lighting, clear sight lines and avoidance of glare are key to enhanced visibility, whilst better audibly-aligned learning environments have carefully considered acoustic treatment and insulative noise source attenuation. Efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity-control contribute to fresh unpolluted air, whereas environmentally friendly materials minimise airbourne contaminants and VOC emmissions. Aspect works in harmony with our clients from inception stage to ensure these requirements are translated through the design phase and are ultimately realised as an integral part of the school model.

Constructing Your School

Aspect has built up strong relationships with building contractors that have significant experience in delivering high class teaching and learning establishments. Our commercial and construction management teams support our clients in recommending the best procurement route for onboarding the delivery team. This may be through traditional means or more bespoke methods, such as Design & Build, ECI, or Management Contracting. Each project has unique priorities with brief, budget or program demands that should be assessed when considering the procurement options. Aspect monitors contractor performance through strict reporting, KPIs, and critical path analysis, thus capturing and mitigating any health & safety, progress, or QA/QC issues before they are able to have a negative impact on the project.