Buildings in Distress

Are you an investor or developer looking to take advantage of the current number of unfinished buildings in Dubai? Assets often become distressed because of the operational and financial difficulties faced by the owner or issuer of the assets, which may result in insolvency or bankruptcy. Such situations create opportunities for distressed sales, offering great deals for buyers.
Before buying such an asset it is important to undertake professional due diligence, this is where Aspect can assist.

Aspect can undertake an initial condition survey of the building, we can check the structural integrity, MEP services and general standard of the workmanship and finishes and offer you advice and assistance during your purchasing negotiations.

Aspect can then provide a cost plan, highlighting the cost of completing the asset to operational readiness. We can support you in procuring the right contractor and then oversee the completion of the works on your behalf, handing you the keys to your completed asset.
Send us an email at for a full scope of services or call us to discuss how we can assist.

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