Construction Claims Services

CONSTRUCTION CLAIMS Aspect is currently supporting a Design & Build contractor with a multi faceted extension of time claim , which includes a COVID 19 element, for a commercial fit out project in Abu Dhabi and is also assisting a large developer with the review and determination of a multi million dirham contractor claim in Dubai, also with a COVID 19 element. We can support and represent either party involved in a claim, whether developer, engineer or contractor.

Our team will prepare and / or analyze claims and disputes for construction and engineering projects. We assist our clients by identifying, analyzing, quantifying, and presenting any construction claims that may arise during the project.

In the event a construction claim does occur, our team is equipped to provide ongoing support in assessing or validating a party’s entitlement and quantification of damages to promote resolution. By analyzing the construction contract and the parties’ performance throughout the construction duration, our team can identify liability and assist in resolving the dispute in a timely and cost effective manner.

To discuss your options call us on +971(0) 43159812 or email us on, we will be happy to review your current project and offer advice on your best way forward.

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Construction Cost Analysis & Bench Marking

PROJECT COST ANALYSIS AND BENCH MARKING The current COVID 19 crisis has led the global construction industry into a period of re-evaluation.... all existing and new projects will require a validation check on construction rates, firstly to cut expenditure and secondly to make the project viable. Aspect can provide a 'sanity check' and advise clients and developers on the rates they have been quoted to ensure they are within current market rates and advise on inflated rates and potential adjustments. #costcontrol #projectmanagement #covid19 #uaeeconomy

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