Construction Cost Analysis & Bench Marking

PROJECT COST ANALYSIS AND BENCH MARKING The current COVID 19 crisis has led the global construction industry into a period of re-evaluation.... all existing and new projects will require a validation check on construction rates, firstly to cut expenditure and secondly to make the project viable. Aspect can provide a 'sanity check' and advise clients and developers on the rates they have been quoted to ensure they are within current market rates and advise on inflated rates and potential adjustments. #costcontrol #projectmanagement #covid19 #uaeeconomy

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Ghadan 21 Abu Dhabi

GHADAN 21 ABU DHABI Aspects commercial team has been appointed by the clients project manager to support their development team with full cost control, budgeting, forecasting and post contract QS services for infrastructure, landscaping and public works sections of a number of significant phases of Ghadan 21.

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