Integrated CCTV Camera and Thermal Imaging Solutions

The safety and wellbeing of our students and all employees working in the education sector is a top priority for us. Due to the developing situation related to COVID-19, ADEK has partnered with various entities to take precautionary measures that ensure students and all employees remain safe – ADEK April 2020

Aspects team offers a complete portfolio of integrated CCTV and Health Monitoring services to assist in new building designs and also as part of a retrofitted solution to assist institutions adjust to what will be the ‘new normal’.

We provide a feasibility, design, supply and installation service for a Thermographic Fever Screening System via dual spectrum thermal imaging cameras that can be supplemented with wrist temperature sensors to ensure accuracy. Our systems can detect face masks and signal alarms to buildings security or management should any individual show signs of fever or be detected not wearing a face masks upon entry into the building. This is vital for early detection in densely populated buildings, including hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, labour camps and school campuses. The product can also be installed on transportation systems.

We don’t just offer fixed CCTV camera solutions, our systems are scalable and can be implemented across a portfolio of assets to provide full centrally managed “cloud based” coverage of all building users, staff and visitors. Our wristband solution can be integrated in the building BMS and existing access control systems, it can also serve as a presence detection system, registration system (via our facial recognition module) and cashless system with modular integration via RFID.

To discuss your options call Aspects on +971(0) 501004703 or email us on, we will be happy to review your current project and offer advice on your best way forward.

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