Project Managment & Cost Consultancy


Cost & Services Sustainability at Land Sterling

Land Sterling’s experienced MEP team assists with on-time project delivery. Thereby managing the provision of fully coordinated MEP installation drawings. We use the latest BIM software to prepare these drawings. We mitigate potential variation costs and delays through interrogation of the design for missing information and clash detection. We provide an efficient cost services and sustainability management system.

    Green Buildings

    We provide technical guidance and our projects are eco-friendly as they meet standard requirements. We also make sure that projects objectives match clients’ renewable energy goals.
    We bring about a complete way forward in case of a problem that arises during projects. Thereby improving comfort, safety, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. We also oversee safety and protection, selection of materials, and waste management systems. We help give an estimated assessment of total sustainability services.

    Our skills are accredited by: Estidama, LEED accreditation, and Dubai Green Buildings.

    Energy Management

    Our team offers a complete portfolio of energy services to assist in new building designs. Also, to develop opportunities for improvement in existing properties.
    We can help reduce energy costs, secure energy supply, and create sustainable energy programs. Our multidisciplinary team brings proven experience in:
    ● Energy audits assessments
    ● Asset-management of energy infrastructure
    ● Development of renewable solutions

    Energy Efficiency

    We draft energy meeting guidelines before starting our projects. We do this through:
    ● Conversing with end-users
    ● Structures analysis
    ● Collection of data
    ● Re-examination of requisite patterns

    We stipulate cost guidelines because this helps us to make better indoor comfortability while decreasing the effect on outdoor structures. We are skilled in functional increase and modernizing of existing facilities. The new smart home integrated technology has improved energy efficiency but there are still opportunities to realize further energy benefits. This can be done by consolidating and normalizing data into a central database as well as applying analytical tools to understand energy performance better.

    We assist in the implementation of remote monitoring solutions. Thereby allowing FM teams to oversee and adjust equipment and systems connected to the centralized BMS and also closely manage energy cost expenditure. Optimizing control levels through real-time centralization maximizes the opportunity for cost reductions.

    Low Carbon Hierarchy

    We promote the reduction of energy consumption by implementing strategic energy-efficient measures. As a result, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. Sometimes, with cleaner fossil fuel technologies.

    We encourage the application of sustainable policies throughout the supply chain. And also neutralizing unavoidable emissions through carbon offsetting schemes.

    Energy Audits

    We undertake systematic studies and surveys on existing buildings. This helps us to understand how energy is being used and to identify potential energy and cost-saving opportunities.
    The energy audits encompass:
    ● All MEP systems and associated controls
    ● Operational procedures
    ● Utility automation and metering

    The resultant recommendations address and include:
    ● Replacement of aging equipment
    ● Inefficient or misapplied technologies
    ● Utility level agreements
    ● Improvement of FM awareness relating to plant and specialist equipment